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Amethyst Holistic Health provides patients with access to high quality compassionate mental health care. There are several barriers that can affect access to mental health services including but not limited to a busy school or work schedule, lack of transportation, or living in a rural area. Feel free to book an appointment where we can discuss treatment options tailored to your specific needs.

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Genetic Testing
Medication Management

ADHD Testing

QbTest is a revolutionary FDA-cleared technology that offers a comprehensive solution for both the diagnosis and treatment management of ADHD. With its advanced features, QbTest can significantly improve the accuracy of ADHD diagnosis, reduce the risk of misdiagnosis, and ensure a more precise evaluation of your symptoms. QbTest also helps to shorten the time to diagnosis making it a valuable tool for clinicians and patients alike. In addition, by capturing treatment response not reflected by traditional rating scales, QbTest provides a more detailed and accurate assessment of your symptoms which allows us to create a more personalized and effective treatment plan for you. You can trust evidence-based QbTest to receive a thorough and reliable evaluation for ADHD diagnosis and treatment management!

Genetic Testing

Amethyst Holistic Health is proud to partner with Genesight to offer pharmacogenetic testing to our patients. Sometimes it can be frustrating if you have tried multiple medications to manage your mental health symptoms with little to no success. This is the beauty of integrating the use of genetic testing! Pharmacogenetic testing analyzes your DNA and assists your provider in discovering which medications may not be effective for your symptoms. Genesight testing is an easy and pain-free method to help your provider prescribe the best medication regimen for you!

Genetic testing is billed directly to your insurance provider from Genesight. Some insurance providers may cover the cost of testing. If you do not have insurance or the cost of genetic testing is not covered by your insurance, you may also qualify for one of the payment assistance programs offered by Genesight.

Medication Management

Prescription medications can be an essential and effective treatment component when managing the symptoms of various mental health conditions. During the initial psychiatric evaluation with the provider, every patient’s mental health needs are assessed and there is a thorough review of any past or current medications including the use of over-the-counter medications, herbal or vitamin supplements, and prescription medications. The provider will discuss psychiatric medication options based on FDA guidelines, evidence-based research, and presenting symptoms.

Psychiatric medications have the potential to increase certain risks and/or cause side effects similarly to the use of any medication. Therefore, at each follow-up medication management appointment, the provider will conduct a comprehensive evaluation to ensure that the patient is experiencing symptom improvement while eliminating or reducing potential side effects. Medication management also includes monitoring and reconciliation of all medications, in addition to checking for any potential medication interactions and medication safety.

Amethyst Holistic Health uses a holistic approach to improve patients’ overall quality of life by working together with patients to achieve their individual mental health goals. Therefore, medication may not be the best treatment option for all patients and all mental health symptoms do not require the use of medication.


Psychotherapy is commonly known as talk therapy. Therapy is an evidence-based treatment modality that can be used to manage a variety of symptoms associated with mental health conditions. Psychotherapy can help patients to manage daily life stressors, identify potential triggers that worsen symptoms, learn effective coping skills, improve communication with others, enhance emotional regulation, increase self-esteem, develop a more positive mindset, and process grief or traumatic experiences.

Amethyst Holistic Health utilizes the following therapy approaches:
• Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
• Solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT)
• Rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT)
• Motivational interviewing
• Interpersonal therapy
• Mindfulness-based therapy
• Strength-based therapy
• Gestalt therapy

Amethyst Holistic Health may also refer a patient to a psychologist, therapist, or mental health counselor who offers additional therapy methods, in-person appointments, and/or psychological evaluations (for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) testing or formal assessment of learning disabilities) upon request.

Wellness Counseling

Wellness counseling uses a holistic approach to provide patients with education about simple lifestyle changes that can improve both their mental and physical health. Lifestyle changes may include increasing physical activity, daily meditation to reduce stress, improving sleep hygiene, smoking cessation, and learning healthier eating habits. Counseling may also include recommendations for vitamin supplementation if patients have any nutritional deficiencies. The provider counsels every patient based on their personalized goals to achieve overall wellness.

ADHD Testing
Wellnes Counseling
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